How to discover your Creative Vision

Creative vision is the ability to look at your goals through the lens of creativity and add your imagination, passion and purpose into the mix to drive it forward into reality. There are several ways in which this can be achieved but first you have to forget all you know and see before and strip everything right back to the start. The reason why you’re doing what you’re doing. That’s your intention and it’s one of the most powerful manifestation tools you can use.

Intention = the root of creativity

beginningsgrowthIf creativity is the flower of a human life, then intention is the root. To create means to produce or bring something into existence, and to do so with intention magnifies the creative process infusing it with purpose. So if you want to create something new and meaningful, you will need to get more deeply in touch with your intention.

When we set intentions we are consciously agreeing, verbalising and expressing our desires, hopes and wishes that otherwise can remain unknown. Any unknown intentions will be expressed through an unconscious outlet, often giving us results that makes us feel like we have failed and a sense of frustration as to why a certain outcome has come about. Setting intentions gives us an opportunity to reaffirm our personal connection and understanding to the outside world and our place within it. While our goals are the desired outcome, setting an intention provides the root for other factors and influences to intervene in the growth process providing more freedom in the ‘how’ something will come into existence, often producing better results. This a small step that we can take allowing us to experience a sense of purpose and even peace of mind that we are not ignoring our needs as we take ownership of the creative process by setting out the foundations. In essence, intentions can inspire us, helping us to focus and the creative act reaffirms our abilities and ideas and is a vital step to shape them into reality.

The second part of the process is to ‘find your flow’ and engage creatively with your intention to explore it, gain insight and direction and to visually bring it to life.

Creative flow

When we engage in a creative act we experience our creative energy which is understood by ‘being in the flow’. For example when time slips away and thought is abandoned; the creative act becomes your only focus. This creative energy opens up our conscious minds and transports us to a place we are normally unable to reach. We can connect to parts of ourselves we otherwise cannot reach and access our personal drives, feelings, wishes and desires and even experience a connection to ‘Source’ where we become aware of the universal flow around us.  When we acknowledge and honor this in the creative process, it gives our inner most desires a voice and becomes our main driving force, not our conscious thoughts. This in turn helps us to access untapped potential and inner truths that can be captured and experienced visually to bring them alive and infuse them with purpose. With this in mind, what better way to navigate, direct and reaffirm your values, wishes and desires than using a tool like creativity that produces or brings something into existence that wasn’t previously there.

Creative vision: how to capture what you visualise for yourself 

collage cut outVisual modelling assists the creative vision process and allows you to infuse intention with creativity – creating a vision board is just one way of experiencing visual modelling. Others include mind-mapping, concept maps, creative journaling, story boarding, flowcharts, models and timelines. One key difference is acknowledging the steps and the process you need to take to see your vision through to fruition. There are four main steps that I will be discussing in more detail at the Creative Vision Workshop, they are:

  1. select it
  2. project it
  3. expect it
  4. collect it

The third and last part of the process is to create your visual model.

How do I create a visual model?

Firstly decide what you want to create that will best represent your vision, it can be your own vision board, a creative journal or storyboard, business mind-map or you could produce something using illustration, quotes, affirmations etc. You will need a creative space to work in and the necessary art/craft materials to produce your vision model. Before starting, set your intention by verbalising or writing it out on a piece of paper and think about what you are hoping to receive or achieve? It might be personal for example self-acceptance, emotional release, confidence building or relaxation or it could be professional for example setting business goals, bringing ideas to life or something more specific. Keep this as your central focal point. To help you with this please see the worksheet: Setting Intentions for your Creative Vision.

Next select, paints, pens, images, words, affirmations or poetry that you feel pulled towards and try not to allow the mind to intervene in this process as it will only try and rationalise your choices, just go with whatever you’re drawn to and feel. If you are struggling with this try a few deep breathing exercises or put on some meditation music and allow images, feelings or thoughts to come to you, don’t try to generate them for yourself. Surrender and let yourself deeply hear what is emerging from within and let this expression come into being. I have composed some meditation music with a view to help spark your creativity and connect to your intention. Here is one example below that you can use to get you started:

Lastly enjoy the process, be in the flow and create your vision model, try not to put any time restrictions on this if possible. Once you have finished, put it in a central place in your house or office and look at it often. Look closely at your choices of colour or symbols if you’ve used any, images and word choices to help with the process of making your intentions a reality. These are your inner yearnings speaking up and telling you; showing you what it is you want to create, have, be or experience so listen up! Remember you are co-creating your life at every moment, so be in the moment and experience ‘being in the flow’ and let your creativity and your intentions come to life.

If you would like to book onto a Creative Vision workshop I’ll be running one for those who are self-employed and would like to explore their business creatively, work with ideas or changes/expansion of the business or for those thinking about setting up a business to work on their creative vision, please go to: Creative Vision to find out dates and times, or you can book yourself onto a course by filling out the Booking Form. If you’d like more information about this or other events please go to the contact page and leave your details and I’ll get back to you.