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What is Holistic Living Coaching?

Adopting a holistic approach to life means that your focus is directed to your mind, body and spirit as a whole. Holistic Living Coaching provides the tools required to harmonise and create a more balanced, fulfilled life and is a multi-level, deep change that leads to an increase in quality of life in both private and professional areas.

What does a Holistic Living Coach do?

A holistic living coach works with individuals who wish to achieve more flow and balance in their life. By exploring, and accepting, each individual’s unique attributes, experiences, creative thinking and personal requirements a holistic coach is able to guide, motivate and inspire positive life changes. Unlike the more traditional approaches to coaching, holistic coaching allows for deeper exploration and understanding of the inner interference that can create emotional blocks and hurdles. In order to overcome long-standing emotional issues healing is sometimes incorporated into the holistic coaching process. During the process, the client finds answers to fundamental questions about who he or she is and what their crucial values are.
Any transformational change is due to an increased awareness of their own identity and values, the client is able to implement necessary changes in order to create integrity between who they are and what they do. When the client is ready, changes happen in a natural, unforced way.

What to Expect from Holistic Living Coaching

shutterstock_197997671Holistic living coaching offers a supportive, guided process that helps you understand life from a different perspective. You will be encouraged to explore synchronicity and your connection to the world and universal laws of cause & effect helping you to work towards personal transformation on many levels. You are unique, as too are the issues that may be most relevant to you; and therefore the coaching will be unique and tailor-made offering a person-centered approach that encourages positive changes.

Many techniques and tools can be used within the holistic coaching process, however the primary focus areas of Holistic Living Coaching are:-

  • Balance – balancing the four bodies (emotional, mental, physical & spiritual)
  • Integration – exploring internal and external factors
  • Nurture & Needs – self-love & assertiveness
  • Passion & Purpose – connecting to heart desires & exploring potential

Additional approaches and techniques may be integrated into the sessions and may include:

  • Expression Therapy (using the creative arts to explore feelings: story-telling, collage, poetry, affirmations, painting/chalks/drawing & music)
  • Mindfulness and Meditation exercises
  • Holistic Healing (Angelic Reiki, using Crystals & Aromatherapy & Oracle Cards)
  • Positive Psychology exercises (to promote strengths & self-awareness)

Whilst Holistic Coaching is primarily designed to benefit the individual it can also be successfully used to bring positive change and influence to groups, teams and organisations. See our Happy Employee Services page for more information about coaching, workshops and programmes available for your business and/or team.

Who Benefits from Holistic Coaching?

Secret_of_Change_Adults who have experienced or are experiencing big life changes, redirection or difficulties – this may include challenging personal issues, redundancy, divorce or separation and any other emotional difficulty that may be causing you upset or low mood or feelings of helplessness. Understanding the importance of the way in which the powerful combination of holistic healing and coaching can create positive changes, is a key factor in being aware of how this form of coaching can be most beneficial.

Working with a Holistic Living Coach

Whether working face-to-face, online or via telephone each Holistic Coaching session is a confidential, supportive experience designed to help identify issues and problems and guide you towards finding resolution. As a Holistic Coach I’m trained to be able to provide support with personal development, personal life issues, social & emotional problems and other concerns that require improvement and clarity.
I recommend that most clients will require between 4 to 6 one-to-one sessions and may also benefit from additional support at other times, as issues are identified and explored. Commitment to the holistic coaching process is therefore important.

What Holistic Living Coaching is Not

Holistic coaching is not therapy. Whilst the Holistic Coaching process can help individuals improve emotional and mental well-being, explore personal values and beliefs, help with rehabilitation and generally inspire positive thought and direction, this form of coaching does not focus on working through long-standing issues and problems. By focusing on the entire individual, however, achieving a healthy mind, body, spirit balance can be addressed and restrictive behaviour patterns and habits can be rectified and improved. Fresh and inspired motivation for life will also be created, and a healthier attitude to living will become the result individuals aim for. The client then takes responsibility, feels more confident as they experience small successes and ultimately achieves more significant change than they would on their own.

self-portfolio resizeWhen you book a Holistic Coaching package you will produce a self-portfolio that you will work on at each session and in-between sessions that you can take home and refer to at any stage to look at for reflection, direction, motivation and inspiration. This is included within the cost of the sessions (minimum of 3 required to qualify).

Holistic Coaching Packages: Start from £140 and will include the cost of any materials used within the sessions and your self-portfolio workbook. Or for a one off coaching session this can be booked for £48. For more information please go to the contact page and I will get back to you regarding your query or to book a package please fill out your details on the booking form and I’ll send you an email confirming availability and payment options.