Mindset Motivator 2017

Update Your Mindset To Achieve GOALS!

Achieving goals depends on two things. Your commitment to the goal and your ability to be flexible. There can be many different elements in order for your goals to come about, so you have to learn to go with the flow at times whilst staying true to your vision.

stubborn about goals
This workshop will outline just how to do that and face head on any self-doubt or negative thoughts that may affect your ability to make goals happen or has stopped you in the past.mindset motivator mindset motivator 2

I will be sharing with you:

  • how to keep realistic steps in mind whilst believing in the bigger picture.
  • Mindset strategies and key points and activities that will help you to visualise your goals too – this helps them to become real and gives the mind an opportunity to rehearse the skill.
  • Get to grips with our interpretation of ‘failure’ and to see it as being ‘redirected’.
  • How to build in the small steps in order to achieve your goals
  • Learn how to recognise and celebrate them along the way.
  • Check-in with your intention. Why do you want them? Once you can answer that question, and hopefully you will by the end of this workshop!…you can then set about working towards them.

don't work unlessIf you’d like to book onto this workshop then please email: thecreativeyou1@gmail.com to get the early-bird offer @ only £18 (expires 26th May), full price is £25 or go to the booking page. It might be just the thing you need to achieve your goals for 2017! Taking place on Friday 2nd June in the studio at Acorn Natural Health Centre 6-8pm! (SPACES STILL AVAILABLE).

There will be a follow up workshop called Mindset Activator taking place on Saturday 10th June 10am-2pm. Please send me your interest via the contact or booking form and I’ll get back to you about details and payment options.