5 Simply Ways to Find Your Inspiration

Inspiration is often the missing ingredient when implementing positive changes to our life-style, personal outlook or business goals.  When it is accessed in a more meaningful and subjective way, it can really transform our deepest desires and unfulfilled wishes into reality.  It takes us from wish-to want-to will-to action without experiencing any blocks in the process. It has the power to fight our fears of failure and best of all, it is excellent at zapping procrastination!

Creative outlets such as collage, creative writing, poetry and positivity quotes from some of the greats are all great ways to connect to your inspiration. Anything that grabs your attention or helps you to understand something better or gives you direction are all pathways to allowing yourself to become inspired. When you feel it you will naturally gravitate towards the goals that really matter to you.rumi quote 2

Here are 5 simple tips to help you along your journey of finding and connecting to inspiration to help you achieve goals, personal happiness and feel fulfilled:-

1. Work out what you feel passionate about. It is sometimes easier to dismiss what we feel passionate about for fear of not being accepted or being in the minority or sometimes fear of failure, of not being able to do what we really feel passionate about doing.  Sometimes we might not have the resources, the time or even know where to start but acknowledging your passions is the biggest step you will ever need to take.  Once you’ve done that allow yourself to invest some time in making them become a part of your life.

2. Create visual cues that inspire you. One of the reasons inspiration fades very quickly is because we do not have a visual aid to remind ourselves of what inspires us.  You could do this by creating a dream board, putting together some imagery and inspirational quotes that really resonate with you personally.  Writing a poem or experimenting with paints, or chalks or drawings that help bring your visions to life. Once you’ve created this you must look at it and/or read it daily.  Images, quotes and poetry get to a deeper place than the mind, they access the soul, the subconscious part of our brains that form part of our beliefs, values and emotional drives, helping you to create what you want and deserve in your life.

3. Make a goal-bowl . Draw a circle and then create 8 segments by drawing a star shape inside.  At the top of the paper write your name and think of 8 things you would like to achieve.  This can be anything from having a clear out to experiencing rock-climbing.  Be specific and be daring about your choices.  Be mindful not to ask for something like an amount of money or to win the lottery, instead write something like ‘I wish to be financially secure’ or ‘I’d like to generate enough money this year to take my family on holiday’ or even ‘I’d like to experience opportunities to increase my finances’.  Once you’ve done this read each segment and fold the paper and place it next to your bedside. Each morning and each night read them over and if you feel you’d like to cross one out or change one of them do that as you go.  You will attract more synchronicity in your life, more ‘chance’ meetings as the universe will conspire to help you.  Say ‘yes’ to the universe and it will say ‘yes’ to you.  Don’t believe me?  Give it a try!

4. Give yourself more ‘YOU’ time. We all have busy lives, hectic schedules and grueling responsibilities to live up to but it is so important to take some time out for YOU!  Not only does it benefit you but it benefits your loved ones. Practicing this gives you more strength to focus on your goals and inspirations pushing you toward something you aspire to.  The mind doesn’t like clutter, it feels tired and exhausted by the fast whooshing thoughts you throw around up there.  Even 5 minutes a day will make a huge difference.  You can meditate or do yoga or go for a run but if none of these things are accessible to you just sit somewhere comfortable and listen to some relaxing music.

5. Practice creative outlets.  Creativity naturally supports inspiration, they go hand in hand. So if you’re partial to writing do that and let your imagination take over! You could write a poem or draw/paint a picture or play an instrument. Any creative outlet can help you feel inspired. Even just writing down ideas will help to capture that feeling and drive your forwards. Remember you’re creating everyday, so just start to be more aware of your creations and use your innate creativity to help you connect to what really inspires you!

For more information or if you’d like to book on the Spirit of Happiness Course that supports you in accessing and creatively working with inspiration for your happiness please go to our Spirit of Happiness Course page.