How to make a Happiness Board

DSC01145Collage is a great creative tool to find imagery that connects your feelings and emotions expressively to a desired goal or feeling – for example happiness! It can also spark new ideas about how to achieve your goal and offer some insight into your internal world to help you reach it. It combines the principles of just letting go and being happy no matter what is happening in your life. A happiness board should make you laugh or smile and should focus on your intentions and priorities. Materialistic things do not offer long-term happiness. Living in the moment, connecting to things, places and people you love and harnessing inner peace, calm, self-care and intuition can all have a profound effect on your happiness in a meaningful and fulfilling way. That’s not to say you can’t include comical and fun things on your board, it’s your happiness and you’re the best person qualified to know what makes you happy.

Looking through a selection of images and going with ones you feel naturally pulled towards allows you to explore an inner process that is relaxing and calming and assists you to effectively reflect and learn more about yourself and your own capabilities. It also encourages you to work intuitively.  When you’re working in this way you go beyond your conscious thought processes and can access your subconscious helping it to get on board with your overall desire to be more happy. You may come across something you would never have ‘thought’ to look for, but perfectly expresses what you feel or what needs to be recognised in order for you to make happiness a priority for example.

It also assists you to work on an intentional level. Intention originates in our unconscious processes and carries with it our deepest desires and wishes, our hopes and dreams.

DSC01127So what are the advantages of doing a vision board to access more happiness in your life?

  1. It’s easy to get lost in our everyday lives, our responsibilities, raising our children and our work. By creating a happiness board it gives us some much needed ‘me’ time to connect once again to our priorities and what we love.
  2. It helps us to visualise possibilities that we once wanted to reach and explore.
  3. When we’re creative in this way we are re-introduced to spontaneity, fun, expression and awareness that we have so little time for as an adult with lots of responsibilities. By creating a collage board, you engage with your own inner child, who still needs to play and be creative as much as the adult does!
  4. You reconnect to your goals and your unexplored possibilities and potential that you may have ignored.  The whole process can help you to reconnect to the person you may have lost and what makes you happy. It’s simple but effective.
  5. Lastly it acts as a visionary tool to bring forth to your conscious mind your unexplored wishes, giving you direction and affirming your goals that can be looked at any time, keeping you focused and motivated.

Here are some testimonials from those that have completed a Heart-Centered Programme working with collage each week:

“A really valuable process and I totally recommend it to anyone who is at a crossroads or a ‘stuckness’ in their life and needs to see things more clearly, or just to feel better about themselves and all they have to offer.” Jo Taylor, Fitness Instructor.

“It made a welcome change just getting in touch with my creativity, not thinking about anything for an hour and having fun! It was relaxing, sociable and I liked working intuitively. This course has given me insight into what I can do to live a happier, more fulfilled life.” Ellie McLean, Acupuncturist.

“Don’t go with a feeling that you are not creative.  You are!  Relax and enjoy the new experience and see yourself as a new person.” Jenny Richardson, Retired School Teacher.