Spirit of Happiness Course

On this six week course you will discover mindful art activities, confidence building techniques and self-empowerment tools and you’ll be given guidance to tap into your own innate ability to be creative, spontaneous, fun and HAPPY! This course will focus on what really makes you happy, how you can implement happy practice examples into your everyday life, experience a ‘state of flow’ and learn how to let go of what no longer serves you.

This course delivers an alternative guide to living a happy life, assisting you in understanding how you can access alternative perceptions and really tune into your beliefs and strengths to feel more connected and to live with meaning and purpose. It is facilitated by Sally-Anne, an experienced Creative Arts Therapist and Facilitator with a specialism in personal development and well-being and is well known for her enthusiastic but gentle approach, understanding the needs of others and group-work that will bring out the best in you! You will also be given as part of the course a beautiful creative journal & workbook to use each week & at home – the journal has been hugely successful and enjoyed by many that have brought it independently from the course. **All included within the cost of this course which is £60 for the 6 weekly session.**

Creative Journal & Workbook

Creative Journal & Workbook

Here are what others have said:-

01bb87467fc8908c93a810cb8bbc402e78d95b9f14“This course gives you the confidence to creatively discover ways that you can be happier and bring more positivity into your life. It equips you with tools that helps you focus on the present, go with the flow and be uniquely and creatlvely you!” C Morley, Dementia Support Worker.

“This course helps you to feel & spend time on yourself each week, without any outside influences – it’s all about you, being positive, learning from others, having a laugh and reading a lot of thought provoking quotes!” R. Hands, Rachael’s Secret Tea Rooms Owner.

01dd5d27475951dc3b0f598b722570d6c1300b99c3“An excellent way to spend an hour each week! Relaxing, fun and it helps you to develop a more positive outlook on life and use it to move your life forwards.” F Liversage, School Teacher.

“There are many benefits to this course including relaxation, stress relief and creative learning, being able to be yourself in a safe environment which is non-judgemental with lovely people.” C. Gledhill, Independant Phoenix Trader.

“The course helps you to find what is important to you – boosting self-worth and self-love and being a brighter and better you.” N Foyle, School Teacher.

Next available courses, just go to the booking form to confirm your place along with £10 deposit, payment options will be emailed to you:-

  • Another venue in Derby will be secured by popular request, details TBC, will be announced soon!