Spirit of Happiness

0164_The Art of Happiness Poster.inddThe Creative You has produced this six week creative Wellbeing Programme: Spirit of Happiness, focusing on a different topic each week to encourage a positive mind-set and boost your overall wellbeing and happiness using the creative arts. The topics covered provide a ‘science of happiness’ approach based on the latest scientific evidence that supports living in a meaning-making way that is good for you in order for you to get the most from your life.

The programme will deliver practical and effective day to day tips and tools you can use to increase your overall sense of well-being, influence positive change and increase self-confidence and self-esteem. The programme is educational and interactive with a keen focus on encouraging participation and activating the ‘doing’ through artistic outlets that promote group discussion, working in pairs, interactive learning and self-expression in a supportive group environment with an experienced group facilitator. The proven success of this six week course is based on a ‘positive psychology’ approach which is a science of positive aspects of human life that aims to discover and promote the factors that allow individuals and communities to thrive.

What can you gain from it?

  • You will discover new ways to connect to yourself, your strengths and what makes YOU happy!
  • You will experience creative activities and approaches that will assist you in changing your perspective to support your connectedness, meaning, purpose, and contribution in living and building a life that you desire and deserve.
  • You will learn how to utilise your innate creativity and engage with collage, poetry, affirmations, quotes, colour, paints, drawing and various other creative activities to boost your confidence, feel relaxed and enjoy being ‘in the creative flow’. Recent scientific studies support that being in the flow increases happiness.
  • You will reaffirm your personal goals for your health, lifestyle and anything else you might have put off or dismissed in the past that will encourage new and positive ways to engage with the world that brings you joy.
  • You will uncover simple mind-set techniques and happy practice examples that give you more motivation, clarity and focus within a relaxed, creative and supportive group environment.

spirit-of-happiness-cover-latest-edEvery participant will work with a ‘Creative Journal & Workbook‘ designed specifically to use whilst doing this course. You’ll be provided with all the creative materials each week and be given access to positive quotes, affirmations, collage imagery and ‘happy practice’ examples. You will have time to capture your thoughts, experiences and learning that you can later reflect on. At the end of the course you will be presented with a Spirit of Happiness Certificate!

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What do others think about the programme?

“Definitely relaxing and a great mindful exercise, love the different creative elements of the course.” T. Marinelli, Training Centre Manager.

“This course enables you to creatively discover ways that you can be happier and bring more positivity into your life. It equips you with tools that enable you to focus on the present, go with the flow and be uniquely and creatively you!” C. Morley, Dementia Support Worker.

“I thoroughly enjoyed each session and Sally is a fantastic leader, it allowed me to switch off from the rest of my life and connect with what I enjoy!” M. Silk, Acupuncturist.

“I was surprised by how relaxing and fulfilling being creative was and also surprised myself with my own creativity.” C. Arnold, Accommodation Manager, Derby University.

“An excellent way to spend an hour a week! Relaxing, fun and it helps you to develop a more positive outlook on life and use it to move your life forwards. F. Liversage, School Teacher.

“It made me realise how much intuition I have – which I hadn’t tapped into before. It inspired me to do more creative crochet work.” V. Storie, Quality Data Analysis, Rolls Royce.

creativity-and-passionThis course will transcend your beliefs and take you on a self-discovery journey, giving you valuable insights and techniques to find your happiness! The cost for this programme works out at only £10 per session (£60 in total) and is a great investment for your mind-body-soul connection. The price also includes all the art and craft materials, creative journal, hand outs and light refreshments.

To book and secure your place, please fill out the Booking Form and I will confirm your details for the programme and payment options. Or for more information please use the Contact Page and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.