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The Spirit of Happiness

The Spirit of Happiness

I’ve been on a long quest to find out more about happiness, looking at my own experiences and researching this fascinating subject to looking at facts, figures, scientific research and general information on the topic. Happiness is a personal thing and as such we are the best person qualified to know what makes us happy. […]

5 Simply Ways to Find Your Inspiratio...

5 Simply Ways to Find Your Inspiration

Inspiration is often the missing ingredient when implementing positive changes to our life-style, personal outlook or business goals.  When it is accessed in a more meaningful and subjective way, it can really transform our deepest desires and unfulfilled wishes into reality.  It takes us from wish-to want-to will-to action without experiencing any blocks in the […]

Connect with Your Authentic Self for ...

Connect with Your Authentic Self for a Happier Life

Our authentic self has always been and will always be within us, it’s not something we have to acquire or wait patiently to fall upon us; it’s already there. Your individuality is connected to your authenticity; knowing your thoughts and feelings and acting in accordance with them is being authentic or ‘being yourself’. It can […]