Creative Arts in Therapy

The benefits…

Changing core beliefs and our own perspectives on the creative process can open up possibilities, new experiences and a sense of intrigue about our own potential and sense of self.

Every person has the right and the need to fulfill their creative capacities and some of the rewards of doing so embody elements such as encouraging a positive mind-set, challenging emotional blocks or negative patterns, approaching daily tasks differently and having an ability to ‘perceive’ situations from differing points of view.

Creatively engaging with the arts will allow you to infuse expression into the mix which helps to:

  • Explore unconscious material
  • Release energyCraft Journal
  • Gain insight and foster understanding
  • Create change
  • Encourage wellbeing
  • Identify and be in touch with feelings
  • Solve problems using critical reflection
  • Discover and work with the intuitive self
  • Focus on strengths and positive thinking

At any one given time you are only looking at one piece of the jigsaw. Using reflective practice can help you to become mindful about the piece you are looking at fitting into a bigger picture.  You can access the bigger picture if you challenge your perceptions and think creatively. This is achieved by using the creative expressive arts to tap into and explore unconscious material, for example colour, form and symbols emerge from the unconscious into visual art through whatever medium you are working with, i.e. collage, paints or chalks.

In addition the creative expressive arts readily facilitate emotional release and insight.  As you begin to let go of intrusive thoughts and switch off from outside distractions, you experience a clear channel to connect to your creative self, a centering tool that enables you to access different parts of yourself that you may have repressed or simply not tapped into yet that hold onto energy.  Once this energy has been released it can be quite a cathartic experience.

Colour, movement, sound, free writing and guided imagery (creative visualisations) can also be very useful in solving problems and making decisions.  The power of mental imagery is only just starting to be understood, it really can catapult your life into the directions of your dreams!  For the latest information and research on this please read the article: Imagine Yourself Well!

Creative visualisation can tap into potential.

Many people now realise that life offers much more than day-to-day events and practical problems, each of us is a spiritual being and are on a journey in time.  The creative arts are a magnificent vehicle for allowing your story and personal experiences to come forth and be recognised.  We all have magnificent souls that are just waiting for a magical opportunity to shine.  Don’t hold onto beliefs that no longer serve you and step forward fearlessly.

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